Central Data Catalog

National Collection

Annual Survey of Industries

Annual Survey of Industries covers the manufacturing units in the registered sector. It provides comprehensive information relating to input, output, value added, employment, assets etc of the registered factories.

Household Consumer Expenditure

These are surveys to capture household expenditure on consumption of various items in both quantitative and value terms. There are both annual and quinquennial surveys.

Economic Census

Economic Census (EC) is the complete count of all establishments (i.e. units engaged in production and/or distribution of goods and services not for the purpose of sole consumption) located within the geographical boundaries of the country.

Enterprises Surveys

These studies cover unorganised sectors like trade, manufacturing and services and provide data on input, output, value added, employment and related variables.

Employment and Unemployment

The basic objective of the employment-unemployment surveys NSSO is to get estimates of the employment and unemployment characteristics at national and state level. The studies include both thin sample and large sample surveys. Related subjects like informal sector, migration etc are also included.

Land and Livestock Holding Surveys

These are conducted at roughly 10 year intervals and provided information on operational land holdings, livestock holding in rural areas.

Periodic Labour Force Survey

The objective of PLFS is primarily to estimate the key employment and unemployment indicators (viz. Worker Population Ratio, Labour Force Participation Rate, Unemployment Rate) in the short time interval of three months for the urban areas only in the ‘Current Weekly Status’ (CWS). PLFS also estimate employment and unemployment indicators in both ‘Usual Status’ (ps+ss) and CWS in both rural and urban areas annually.

Other Surveys

These studies include all other subjects covered by NSSO like debt & investment, housing, health, village facilities, situation assessment surveys of Indian farmers etc. Click for complete catalogue of these surveys.

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